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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my media safe while being sent to and from your business?

A: We offer two methods for transporting your media: Local pickup/delivery, and shipping through the mail. If you live in/near The Villages in Florida, we offer to personally drive to your residence and pick up your media, as well as dropping it back off once everything is ready.


Mailing your order is perfectly safe! While working for a small media conversion business in Indiana for 3 years, we never received a mail-in order that was damaged. We cannot assure the same for some of our national competitors, who mail their orders overseas for cheaper labor. At Playback, we do not ship orders out! Once we get your order, it stays with us until it's ready to be delivered back to you.

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Q: For my video tapes, should I choose DVDs or digital videos for my final product?

A: Both options have things to consider. DVDs are straightforward and easy to plug and play, but they're on their way out tech-wise. We predict that DVDs will soon be the way VHS tapes are now: Fewer and fewer people will have the hardware to play them on. To make copies, more physical discs have to be made, which can be expensive. DVDs are good for those who aren't tech savvy, but they're going to be less accommodated as time goes on.

Digital videos can be delivered via the cloud, or by USB/thumb drive/stick. They're slightly higher quality than DVD, and can be copied infinitely and easily without quality loss. However, getting them on your computer and backing them up will require a little tech know-how. Digital is definitely my recommendation for preserving media, unless computers really aren't your thing.

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