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Shipping Your Order

Preparing Your Items

  • Video Tapes: If not already labeled, label each tape. This will be the file name and/or disc print.

  • Slides: Place slides in plastic bags (or leave in carousels). To reduce shipping costs, you can remove them from carousels and place groups of slides in a zippered plastic bag. On the outside of the bag, you can write a subject which we will use in naming your files like "1964". (minimum of 50 per group name)

  • Photos: Group them by size and place in a zippered bag. You can write a subject on the outside for us to use in naming your files (50 minimum). Be sure to remove photos from frames.

  • Negatives: Do not cut the negatives apart! Keep the negatives in whatever protective envelope or sleeve they are in currently. Negatives can scratch easily.

  • Records: Be sure to place firm cardboard on each side of your records. Old vinyl can be brittle and you don't want the record damaged in shipment.

  • Discs: Whether for duplication, editing or conversion, be sure to place discs in a protective case to avoid scratches to the surface.

Packing Tips

  • Place all items in zippered plastic bags to protect from moisture.

  • Use a sturdy box, and pack the empty space with bubblewrap. Styrofoam isn't recommended because of the static electricity.

  • Choose a shipping method with a tracking number, like USPS Priority Mail.

Ship to:

Playback Audio/Video​

20104 Sandalwood Dr #104

Wildwood, FL 34785

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